Activities Near Ferndale

Centerville Beach – Follow Centerville road 5 miles out to the beach. Take a walk, fly a kite, or play with your ATV.

Guthrie Creek – Access is either from Centerville Beach (You must have a tide table, as access is only at low tide.) or by continueing on Centerville Road past the beach and look for the parking area. The trail from the parking area to the beach is only a mile but it is very steep and strenuous.

Scenic Drives – Best viewed (and smelled) with a convertible or motorcycle.

  • Lost Coast Loop – Start in Ferndale, over the Wildcat to the coast, through Mattole, Petrolia, and Honeydew, and end up at the Avenue of the Giants. Make sure you start with a full tank of gas though. Pack a lunch for a full day trip.
  • Avenue of the Giants – Get up close and personal with the giant redwoods as you drive within inches of them. Auto tour guides are available at both ends. Lots of places to stop, get out and hike into the majestic redwood forests.

Victorian Architecture in Humboldt County – Spend some time driving around the farmlands of Ferndale, or head up to Eureka and Arcata to view some amazing examples of Victorian architecture. The plentiful redwood forests available at the turn of the century account for some stunning examples of Victorian homebuilding. Not only are the houses constructed of the native redwood, in many cases the logging industry provided the wealth to build the homes. For example, the Carson House in Eureka has one of the most elaborately detailed examples of Victorian gingerbread exterior ever executed in wood and is one of the most photographed homes in the country.

Redwood Forests – The North Coast of California is the home of the grandest tree of them all, the Coast Redwood or Sequoia sempervirens. The tallest living things on the planet, mature redwoods tower above 300ft and can live over a thousand years. There are several national and state parks within easy driving distance from Ferndale where you can go and hike under a canopy of giant redwoods.

  • Humboldt Redwoods State Park is California’s largest redwood state park. Come explore our many miles of trails and scenic highway. The world’s tallest trees await you along the Avenue of the Giants.
  • Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park – Canoeing, kayaking, fishing and swimming.
  • Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park – Fern Canyon is a favorite place for hiking and photography.
  • Richardson Grove State Park – Over nine miles of trails available. Great spot for fishing.
  • Headwaters Forest – The world famous Headwaters Forest grove of old growth redwoods is only minutes away.
  • King Range Conservation Area – The recreation opportunities here are as diverse as the landscape. The forested peaks attract hikers, hunters, campers and mushroom collectors, while the coast beckons to surfers, anglers, beachcombers, and abalone divers to name a few.

Loleta Cheese Factory – The Loleta Cheese Factory is open to visitors every day of the week.